Split Check

Nickesh, a hard-assed high-end chef, and Jaime, a scruffy experimental chef, are forced to work together on a brand-new restaurant. While sparks may fly in the kitchen, they can't keep their hands off each other in the bedroom. Co-written with Iris Jay. Updates Tues/Thurs on, and Weds/Fri here on my subscriber-supported site. 18+, NSFW.

Deja Vu
Deja Vu cover, April 2021. Deja Vu, page 9. May 2021.

A connoisseur of retro gay porn recognizes a regular in his shop as an old star who'd dropped off the face of the planet. How long can he play it cool? Updates monthly at Filthy Figments. 18+, NSFW.

Fuck Me Running
Fuck Me Running cover, July 2021. Fuck Me Running, page 19. October 2021.

Muhammed and Arata are both marathon runners who've on-again-off-again fuck buddies for years. After one gets a rude awakening, their arrangement might not last much longer. 37 pages for Filthy Figments. 18+, NSFW. July - December 2020.

Golden Trick!

Two kabbalistic con men are caught up in each other's lives while trying to escape the walled city they've both grown up in. Co-written with Iris Jay. Completed, available to read on Slipshine and in book form (late 2021). 18+, NSFW.

Lucky Break
Lucky Break, page 3. March 2021.

A small time luck deity goes off his good natured path for the sake of love. 13 pages for the Ambrosia anthology. 18+, NSFW. March 2021.

How Panama’s Guna People Fought Back
Page 1, March 2019.

A comic the history of the Guna people of Panama's San Blas islands, for The Nib. 16+, March 2019. Read here or in the Empire issue.

Mandatory Overtime
Mandatory Overtime, page 19. October 2019.

An older businessman has gotten daring with his exhibitionism kink by wearing elaborate rope under his clothes at work. Little does he realize that one of his oldest office mates is an experienced rope artist with a sharp eye for subs in the wild...! 28 pages for Smut Peddler Presents: Silver. 18+, NSFW. October 2019.

"Sometimes I feel like a liar."
The first two panels.

A comic on queer imposter syndrome, for The Nib. 16+, November 2016. Available to read in The Nib's Be Gay, Do Comics anthology.

Thank You

An open letter to a gay visual novel that was personally influential. 3 pages, 18+. May 2017. Read here.

One Week

The small gay community in a remote research outpost in Alaska welcomes the boyfriend of one of their senior team members. For the Bear Company anthology. January 2018. Read here.