carnivore planet

Animal anarchists kidnap a prince and the whole plan blows up in their faces. Updates monthly in ten page chunks. 16+.


Two kabbalistic con men are caught up in each other's lives while trying to escape the walled city they've both grown up in. Written with Iris Jay. Updates monthly on Slipshine. 18+, NSFW.

salt and pepper

An ongoing one-shot series about two gay men who live on a farm and cook for each other. Each issue contains a recipe at the end. New issues bi-yearly. 18+, NSFW.


"Thank you.", an open letter to the gay visual novel about demonic cat boys that made me question my sexuality as a teenager. May 2017.

The Nib

"Sometimes I feel like a liar.", a comic on queer imposter syndrome, for The Nib. November 2016.

New World Anthology

"Daikaiju, Die!", a comic on kaiju culture clash created in collaboration with Iris Jay, for the New World Anthology. November 2015.

The Big Click

"Noir", a meditation on N O I and R, for The Big Click. October 2015.

Purity Anthology

"Summerland", a comic on coping only as witches can, for the Purity Anthology. August 2015.

Alphabet Anthology

"Animus", a comic on the crossover between the animal people community and the adult comics market, for the Alphabet Anthology. August 2015. Link NSFW.


Volume of my own comics, brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign. Printed by Keness in 2016, though the interior work spans 2014-2016. Assembled in InDesign. Poster and package sticker design for Seattle courier service Club Raccoons. 2014, pen, marker, Adobe Photoshop 7 for screentones. Personal business card design created with pen and Adobe Photoshop 7. Printed through Vistaprint. Screenprinted shirt design process for the band 'I Was Afraid'. 2016, pen, Adobe Photoshop 7, Illustrator CC for the final print file. Label for home brewed kombucha by Lex (@boarhound). Photography credit also his. 2016, pen, Adobe Photoshop 7 for screentones. Island backgrounds for unnamed visual novel (in production). 2016, graphite, Adobe Photoshop 7. Various backgrounds for fighting game Desperado Voyage from Alpha Six Productions (cancelled). 2015, pen, Adobe Photoshop 7. Sketchbook studies, more at blog.trumpetshark.com. 2016, pen, markers. Character turnaround for illustration development. 2016, pen, Adobe Photoshop CC. 'Market Day', followup to previous character turnaround. 2017, pen, Adobe Photoshop CC.

'Chapter 11', 2017, pen, Adobe Photoshop CC. 'holding my breath with a baseball bat', 2016, pen, Adobe Photoshop CC. 'Trauma [1]', 2016, Adobe Photoshop CC. 'Sheep on the Shire', pen, Adobe Photoshop CC. 'NATURAL GEOMETRY', 2016, pen, Adobe Photoshop 7. 'Our Favorite Friend, the Great American Coywolf!!', 2016, acrylic, birch board, graphite. Character and comic dev for Salt&Pepper (in production), more at blog.trumpetshark.com. 2016, pen Life drawings, more at blog.trumpetshark.com. 2016, marker.

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